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Saturday, December 31, 2011

only a few hours... and... 2012

Well...this is one moment of shots...lots of them...
we think of our year and how it was, 
things we did, things we didn't do,
the wonderful moments we lived,
the moments that were some hard challenges,
friends we made, the wonderful friends who moved away... 
and this is what happens every year...
and every new year is a new opportunity for all the many things...
good things...challenges... 
and this is the way of life!!!  
But ... how wonderful it is to live and learn,
and this is the happy thing of a new year...
we desire to make the difference and make it a wonderful time...
and this my desire to all, 
that we may all be able to achieve our goals,
and feel good about our works and efforts!!  

A Wonderful 2012 !!!  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New 2012!!

We are only 3 days off the new 2012!!  this month was a busy month  after not having to take the medication I had for 6 months and left me a little down... I had a total of 7-8 months getting normal... getting better after whatever made me sick and I had to stay for a month in the hospital.
Something infected me, they think it was meningitis !  Well I'm so fine now ... all fine!!  So this month, after so long not doing much, lots had to be done! 
Translation, continuing with the fixing of the house stopped ever since I was in the hospital, and of course all things for Christmas and friends at the ward party!!  all fun, but certainly not much time, and still much more to do!! 
But the great and wonderful thing is Christmas day feeling the special day it is, and how it is good to be with family and friends!  now comes New Years day, and this is one special feeling is the idea that things can be improved and made better, and even if we do go through some testing times we learn about it and grow up and become better. 
The thing I have learned the most is that we need to always be positive, work hard and make sure that we always have our special friend, the Lord, there with us!!  Such a blessing!! can't imagine life without this wonderful blessing!!  So it is a wish I have for all my friends, and pray for them, to have this same wonderful experience.  To have His companionship and love.  This is the one thing that makes life such a wonderful time even through hardships or else... Scriptures and prayers are the things that help us in good times and in bad times, we become stronger and humble, patient and loving, and we learn to understand that this time here is just a passe, we will son be back to our deal family return!!  It makes life a wonderful time!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

and Christmas is here!!

                        The Christmas time is a blessing with the little baby Jesus,

                          And this is the reason we celebrate our Christmas time,
                                          and all else is because of the love
                                                 and happiness we feel
                                                    at this blessing day
                                                   and wonderful Man
                                                       who has been
                                                         watching us
                                             with love, care and help!!
                                              Merry Christmas to all!!   

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

and the wonderful time is almost here!!

                                                And we are almost arriving at
                                             the most special time of the year!!
                                                      Let us all feel during
                                                          this Christmas
                                                      our gratitude for all
                                                the many wonderful things,
                                                 feelings, families, friends,
                                                     and all the blessings
                                                              we have
                                                  always been enjoying!!


                                           Now we see the beautiful work
                                                 from a beautiful place!!!

Here is the beauty lady!!  the creative one

All these beautiful things are
what make our homes our own homes!!!
our own place for sure!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

a wonderful experience!

Today I was reading about some special activities that some good people practice here in our country, but also all over the word as time is needed.  Here in Brasil this was an activity that has been happening for some years already and now with the new efforts to make it something other people can joying up to help those in need has made things in the news, facebook, and so many other ways to make it known and being there if desired!  Every time I see it my heart feels warm and hot!!  I have also worked in so many of the programs and it is always a blessing to me as well!!

If you would like to see it and learn about it, just look at this page...there are a lot of things done!
There are so many articles on the different projects with the pictures of the places and what was done.  It is such a beautiful job done in some different things, families, children, babies, houses, street services, food, learning, and so many others when problems happen in the areas!  Very good things!

And this was a beautiful day, sunny, nice warm, and now the summer rain at the end of the day!  A wonderful day, and it has been fun to see everyone happy with the wonderful day to come!  So good to see people getting ready for this special time, the best of the year!

                                                                 Salt Lake City


Friday, December 16, 2011

almost there

 Well we are almost there...just another week and it will be our Christmas time!!  I was thinking and trying to understand why I like it so much.  I went back on times and the many years of Christmas activities, and I remembered the many times we met as all in the families, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmother, all the kids who we were always doing things and the many activities during this special time in the year.  I was always the time we spent more time together as relatives and friends when everyone worked to make it such a wonderful and happy time for everyone.  I remember the adults, everybody moms, working to make it a special time and then at eating time I loved to see them together happy and friendly to one another, and of course I loved the kids, almost everybody in the same age, a lot of us, around 20 or so....we had so much good time and fun together.  When Christmas was over everybody was on vacation from work and school until after Carnival in February, so we all went together to the beach were we stayed together until the end, doing anything possible together, beach, hunt, play, sing, eat, and all else possible...and our aunts where there with us, sometimes not too many aunts, but always the kids growing together...many years!!  So Christmas was were it all started!!
As everyone got older and time together became harder because of school, work and other activities and all the responsible duties we stopped this wonderful time, but we always talk about it when we can meet and be together at this wonderful Christmas!   We all had this wonderful memory of our dear cousins and relatives!

The sad part is how time and life today isn't the same. People still have the values and good things during Christmas, but somehow, back there, life was calm, the cities were secure, and everyone had a great love for this season!   As a child we could all see how loving and surprising Christmas was, and how this was such a special time for everyone in the family!!

The importance was not the things we earned...all little things...but how much fun we had with each other!  This is forever our memories as children!

               And think of the good things we can do and that can happen!! as we have gratitude!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just a note!

 Today is again a beautiful day!!!  So happy to have a good weather ... it has been cold and rainy for almost 4 months !!!

The good weather and warmer times is making me busy again, also because I am getting stronger and can do so much better than I felt while in medication !  this also makes me so much happier!!
So my time here is just to write my good feelings and keep it in record!!  I have lots to do in the house and things I couldn't before in my sewing.  The room needs to be cleaned well before I can do anything, and this is also something I miss. I love doing things, sewing, drawing, painting, etc... but cleaning is a must now!

I was watching some blogs just before writing and I found many nice blogs in Brazilian pages...lots of them...and I was surprised because they weren't there before.  I just found out that lost of ladies started recently and this was great...there are some very good work done, and I was happy because they were not visible before!  don't have time now, but will place them here as soon as I have more time!! and of course the pictures of the things I will be working on!

                                                 But here are some good ones!!

               Country Living ... she found this one ... not Brazilian but I liked it too!!!

This one she found in the blog from here in Brazil!!!  a house in a city where the gorgeous plants grow in front the house entrance!

Já pensou abrir a janela de sua casa, esticar o braço e colher uvas?
Sim, estou falando de uma bela casa urbana, não  um sítio!!!

She says ...   Isso me parece tão mágico, mas é possível!

and she says:   E se você gostou, pode espiar o blog inteiro!   This means you visit her blog and see all the things she has there!!  So have fun!!! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

reliefed after all!!

Boy, getting our password okay can be a problem... almost 4 days not finding the way to get back to normal!!! finally this afternoon!! I so happy to be back!!!

So now we finally have sun again!!! it has been rainy for the last 2 weeks... so today sunny, warm and just gorgeous!!  it's summer time in 2 weeks...we should have had the sun and nice harmer weather!! crazy!

But the bast thing is that I'm getting stronger and more able to do the things I need to do!  The medication I had to take really slowed me down...something hard for me since i had always been ...even as little one...very active and doing things! after this special time of Christmas  I need to get back to normal!!

This is a Christmas ideas made by:

Such a beautiful blog will all kind of things, but this is for Christmas decoration !  Very simple and not expensive, it just decorates the place to bring us close to feeling of this wonderful holidays!  sorry that lost s of the blogs don't let us copy the nice photos...but it is good to go look!!

So we are getting close and let's get ready!!  so much to do!! have fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

the fun girls from ....

I woke up early today...too early to get in bed I started by looking at my sites in the beautiful place by the see, the Australian ladies works, so much fun it was to see all the things they create and how cute and fun they all have...and there so many of them that I haven't seen yet... they all look happy and doing all the best!!!

There are many other places in the world with wonderful many...that's why I have them in my blog...and now I have found so many more... can't feet them all in my page!!! so I have showed them here when I write!  -  Utah 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

learning is always fun!

Wow!!  cold again and using blankets to sleep with!! in December...our summer and warm times that has been cold and almost reminds me of my winter times in the north area!!!
My house has been on a more to it since last ear...can't find good people to do things...and it is all open in the winds because it is all being changed, so now we have cold air and wind in the house making it colder!!!  not fun at all, and I so wish this is done soon and over!!

But any way, being very early and cold I stayed in bed with my fun macbook and I fund this so cute blog!

              --- Melody

She has a lot of different things, using and fast making, but the cutest thing was she makes the Juju things to make anything you need it for!!  just so cute and different from what I had seen before!  ideas in mind just go crazy thing about all the things that can be done!

So if you like it this is something you would love it too!!  Have fun!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

fun places!

Today I saw lots of pages, and it always where I spend a lot of time seeing the fun and pretty things the ladies do in their things!  so many good work and interesting things!!!  so I decided to mention this here in my blog, and because my house is not ready yet (something to talk about another time), and I can't work on my things yet, I just love watching the beautiful blogs!

Today I really like this one because she has lots of pretty things for christmas time and she also showed a page from her place, a fun store in country Italy!  She has a small baby and still works on her pretty blogs.  When I see the ladies with babies and doing her crafts it's a great thing...when I had my babies I also had to work, so almost not time for the things I like doing so much!!  I hope you enjoy it too!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

christmas time!!!

Well we are now at the Christmas time!! December is just here and we are 24 days of the 25th Christmas Day, the most important of all!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful time getting ready for this wonderful time!

This is full of church activities and they are just great!  bunch of ideas that can be adjusted to several programs and activities!!  I hope it may be helpful to all who want this kind of things!!

And we shall be blessed by working at this wonderful time to keep in mind that money and presents are not the most important things, but that we need to learn to help one another!! 

Now looking at some things to make as a gift either for Christmas or other especial times I found this blog page that is fun for the all different kinds of things shown and that we can get lots of ideas to make something to someone!  I just loved it!!
Here is the site where lots of things can be found...sorry couldn't show a picture... so have fun there!!!

And this where I found a whole bunch of blogs where there are also other ideas!!  I didn't see them all yet, but this is where I found this one above!!  You can also find other things there!! a good thing to have in our files!!  have fun with lost of things!!


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