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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just a note!

 Today is again a beautiful day!!!  So happy to have a good weather ... it has been cold and rainy for almost 4 months !!!

The good weather and warmer times is making me busy again, also because I am getting stronger and can do so much better than I felt while in medication !  this also makes me so much happier!!
So my time here is just to write my good feelings and keep it in record!!  I have lots to do in the house and things I couldn't before in my sewing.  The room needs to be cleaned well before I can do anything, and this is also something I miss. I love doing things, sewing, drawing, painting, etc... but cleaning is a must now!

I was watching some blogs just before writing and I found many nice blogs in Brazilian pages...lots of them...and I was surprised because they weren't there before.  I just found out that lost of ladies started recently and this was great...there are some very good work done, and I was happy because they were not visible before!  don't have time now, but will place them here as soon as I have more time!! and of course the pictures of the things I will be working on!

                                                 But here are some good ones!!

               Country Living ... she found this one ... not Brazilian but I liked it too!!!

This one she found in the blog from here in Brazil!!!  a house in a city where the gorgeous plants grow in front the house entrance!

Já pensou abrir a janela de sua casa, esticar o braço e colher uvas?
Sim, estou falando de uma bela casa urbana, não  um sítio!!!

She says ...   Isso me parece tão mágico, mas é possível!

and she says:   E se você gostou, pode espiar o blog inteiro!   This means you visit her blog and see all the things she has there!!  So have fun!!! 

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