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Saturday, December 31, 2011

only a few hours... and... 2012

Well...this is one moment of shots...lots of them...
we think of our year and how it was, 
things we did, things we didn't do,
the wonderful moments we lived,
the moments that were some hard challenges,
friends we made, the wonderful friends who moved away... 
and this is what happens every year...
and every new year is a new opportunity for all the many things...
good things...challenges... 
and this is the way of life!!!  
But ... how wonderful it is to live and learn,
and this is the happy thing of a new year...
we desire to make the difference and make it a wonderful time...
and this my desire to all, 
that we may all be able to achieve our goals,
and feel good about our works and efforts!!  

A Wonderful 2012 !!!  



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