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Sunday, January 22, 2012

a new year at work!!

So we are almost getting at the end of the month!!  
a longer period and the new year moments! 
Lots of hope and planning for the year.  
Every year this is our hope and plan...the year we can do better! 
This feeling is something I have had ever since 
I can remember...always happy for the year past...
and all the things I was able to accomplish and happy 
with the new year hope and new things to come!

This time is a time for thinking and planning, 
and this year as I look back I feel something 
that I never felt or thought about before
...the knowledge that life goes fast and we get older!!
   Not because I feel older, but because my birthday
is getting to ages I never thought of!!

What I have now in mind is to be wise and work
to use my time the best and most use full !! 
because time is going by faster and things 
have changed and more changed than when I was young
...things didn't feel that had changed to much...
but these last 10 // 20 years all has changed!  

Things haven't changed in my way of thinking or doing, 
but around me and what has happened all over the world!!!   
I know now that things are faster everywhere and if we do not plan our time
and plans we will lose the time!  

The thing that really made a difference on my life are the good friends I had and have
...some so far...some very close...
and best thing I see know is how the new systems of contact and pictures
allows us to see and talk/write our friends and not feel as if we had lost them!!  
This is out makes me so happy today!!   

This is Summer Time
our beautiful flowers around our home!


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After a very happy and very busy new year month I am happy for
the new hopes and new things to do!


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