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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New 2012!!

We are only 3 days off the new 2012!!  this month was a busy month  after not having to take the medication I had for 6 months and left me a little down... I had a total of 7-8 months getting normal... getting better after whatever made me sick and I had to stay for a month in the hospital.
Something infected me, they think it was meningitis !  Well I'm so fine now ... all fine!!  So this month, after so long not doing much, lots had to be done! 
Translation, continuing with the fixing of the house stopped ever since I was in the hospital, and of course all things for Christmas and friends at the ward party!!  all fun, but certainly not much time, and still much more to do!! 
But the great and wonderful thing is Christmas day feeling the special day it is, and how it is good to be with family and friends!  now comes New Years day, and this is one special feeling is the idea that things can be improved and made better, and even if we do go through some testing times we learn about it and grow up and become better. 
The thing I have learned the most is that we need to always be positive, work hard and make sure that we always have our special friend, the Lord, there with us!!  Such a blessing!! can't imagine life without this wonderful blessing!!  So it is a wish I have for all my friends, and pray for them, to have this same wonderful experience.  To have His companionship and love.  This is the one thing that makes life such a wonderful time even through hardships or else... Scriptures and prayers are the things that help us in good times and in bad times, we become stronger and humble, patient and loving, and we learn to understand that this time here is just a passe, we will son be back to our deal family return!!  It makes life a wonderful time!!

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