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Sunday, July 11, 2010


This blog has been  a slow start; this last month everyone at home was fighting a cold hard to get rid of..., but also  it is funny to write not knowing who will read what you write, you really don't who they are except for a little tiny picture to start with! from people's profiles... what to write, how to write, about what? 
Many of you I can't read much, except for the beautiful photos of your life and work and yet we can have a glimpse show of each and everyone in a special way; some don't even have a picture so we are left imagining what that person looks like!   What what we can see is that which is good and important, unique to each person!

So I decided to relax and just be me!  The things you see are what is important to me!

My work will slowly come around too.... only now can I really dedicate myself to the things I enjoy so much! !  Creating is something that is part of me... couldn't live without it!!

I'm sure you all know how that is... it is almost as having a baby, you give life to ideas and feelings! you have a sense of accomplishment and realization!  making our environment more loving more beautiful...less violent or aggressive.... for that I am thankful to all of you whose blogs I have been to... this is a collective message to all bloggers  I've visited and haven't received a message from me... sometimes time is lacking!!  Thank you for all the beautiful and inspiring things!!!

moments past

 my beautiful mom, who has already left this earthly life!
one who has suffered much during wartime,
leaving her homeland -- Hungary  -- and family,
coming to a completely new world and life in a foreign country, 
who didn't speak the new language or how to communicate,
and not a penny to her name!
Her last earthly year was the peak of her career,
chosen by fellow colleagues as the "Lawyer of the Year" 
-- she acquired her degree at 53-4 years old.... 
one of the top of her class!

anyuka is about 16 years old here

Bandi is about 11-12 here, I'm almost 2
Born at the end of the war,
Bandi also suffered in his early life
while in a DP camp in Klagenfurt, Austria,
where he was born,
until they could get 
a visa to travel elsewhere! Brazil...
Where I was born !
And here I am at around 2-3 years of age

                                                                almost  2 year old kis Ica

nagy Ica a few years ago

my not so secret garden

I couldn't call my garden a secret garden where fairies dwell, because it is a very wide and sunny place and plants haven't yet reached it's full size!! I had to plant everything that is growing here, and still planning where to have my vegetable garden... but I do have a grove...and I think that fairies do fly about in this grove which  looks like a sacred grove...where the birds come around, and squirls run around  humming birds fly and woodpeckers nest...along with ... parrots and tucans !  It is lovely to sit in my sewing room looking out the window to the grove and being taken by the multiple chirping of birds!  Where else could we have all of this in the heart of winter?

where else?

maple trees are not typical of a tropical climate, but they grow well in the south
-- here is one of my  maple tree during fall in Brazil

fake grape vine

would these green leaves be growing at the same 
time as the old leaves are turning red?

where else would spring happen at the same time as fall is falling in?

and typical Christmas flowers bloom in July?

naturally this is winter for them flowers!! they know that!!!!!!


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