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Saturday, July 31, 2010

a gift

I've just finished this tote and bag organizer for a friend .... it was a gift !!
I had  lots of fun thinking about her and what would
be a bag that would look  like her and something she could identify with!

We usually carry lots of books to church  as we are always a teacher
or a leader at different occasions , and if not, the scriptures!!
 So I made it large enough to carry all the books we do need to carry!! 
                                      ...just finished  and given to my  friend on her birthday!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

doll making

this is a cute blog on doll patterns... some cute dolls!!

Paix�o por artesanato

bags and more bags

I just found this blog on bags... crochet bags!!! beautiful bags... and I love bags ...
I am working on some crochet bags myself! and this blog has some wonderful ideas!

It's in Portuguese but it is easy to go through it ... check it out!

Louca por artes - Bolsas

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Stories of A to Z: Personalized Erasable Calendar Tutorial

As I like to blog and visit what many of you are doing and checking out anything new around I arrived here and thought that this would be something interesting and useful to many of us!! didn't have time to try it yet, but it doesn't seem to be a hard thing to use!

the blog is also one i liked!! have fun!!

The Stories of A to Z: Personalized Erasable Calendar Tutorial

Saturday, July 24, 2010

things from chez moi

these are some lemons,
even though you might think they oranges!!!!
  they have a very different flavor...
lemonades are super any time of the year!
these were the first in this tree!

 jabuticabas -- typical of Brazil,
they are very sweet juice little things...
I love them, can't have enough of it!   
they grow in the bark ...
first the little white flowers bloom
and then the sweet fruit start going!
this is a young tree in it's first round of blooming!

my little kittens
 when they were little...
don't you just have to love them... they are so cute!!
this is Mimi who became mommy of
these other 3 little rascals!--
always mischivious getting into things!

Cotton and Simba always cuddling to sleep!

a joke because the boys said she 
looks like an ET with them big eyes, 
but I prefer to call her Rose! 
after all she is a little girl!

bags and totes from moda

And now this link is really cool!!  lots of ideas for totes and bags and this is one of my passions, I loooooove totes and bags!! love inventing and designing them.... need to get around getting pics and posting them! but here are some fun things to look at get inspired!

a tutorial for a rag rug!!!

I just found this tutorial!!!  I have wanted to do one of these for a long time and always lacked the time and this shows a much simpler way of doing than what I have previously learned!!

It would be perfect in my sewing room, I love working bare feet and like the feel of the rugs as I walk on them! especially on the hot days!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the global world!

I feel so honored to be able to into so many of your homes and see how you live and do things!! it makes me realize that we all do feel the same things and want the same things... we want family, love, and beautiful things and yet we are so different in the way we do things.  It is interesting to see the styles and trends in each country... how some like country homes / vintage and others like it more stark or simple! and yet how each is beautiful in their own special way!!

I love to see that and learn from you!

Para as brasileiras  que talvez ñ entendam inglês... podem me falar em português mesmo... escolhi o inglês pq me dá acesso a mais pessoas no mundo!  o ggogle faz uma tradução meio doida e engraçada mas dá para ter uma idéia do que se trata no post!! e acabo aprendendo também!!  mas pf fiquem a vontade para fazer comentários e perguntas!!
  this great technology of blogging allows
us all to best buddies, BFF and MAPS.. isn't
it great... no jealousy or envy!!

more pics from my paradise!!!

another one

and this one is wood craft!!! painting, embellishing! darling!

lots to see

interesting site with lots of different ideas! enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Uno belissime blog!

I found this blog this morning!  mui belissime.... lovely!!

this is her 1st give away...till the 26th!  check it out!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

digital quilting magazine

I so love when I can get things online!  and this is a first of quilting...or any craft magazine! you do have to sign up for a subscription... I did it!! and it was so worth it because you get tons of things for download and all pdf with patterns ready to be printed!  check it out ! I think you you ladies will like it!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

oh well!!

had to change the blog once more!!! it wasn't working out too well... too heavy to download and too spread out...margins didn't align well either.... as I can't fix it yet... a change was due!!  but now this is my goal... to learn how to work with html... and not be at the mercy of searching for something that fits me!!

anyway!! this looked like a good idea just now... we are well into a cold front  that just came from the south... it might even snow down there!!! here, it's been raining straight on for almost 3 days... and it is cold!! so a hot chocolate just about now feels good.... be my guest !!  even if it isn't as cold wherever you are... cold chocolate feels good too!!
I would like to know what  you think about this new environment!!

On a different subject,  I really feel bogged down, it seems the day doesn't have enough hours for all that I have to do and would like to do!!  hours fly by and then when you see it is another day already!! what's happening with time... has someone given a spin to the earth a little too faster lately!!?

oh well!! have to make the best of it.. let's have some chocolate!

and back to work... or nothing gets done!!!  see ya!

Monday, July 12, 2010

So now you know who I am .... just a little more about my life and you had a view of what was my family some few years ago.  I now have my two grown up boys,  26 and 24, and my dear Paul, no grandchildren yet, Zoltán has just gotten married and Joshua is still looking for his better half! Life has been hard and has been good at the same time, life and hardships go together as cookies and milk! and these challenges makes strong and better if we do know how to deal with them in the proper manner. As I start in this endevour... I am a teacher and a translator, but these things don't really complete me... I do like doing it but they don't fulfill me, so I am slowly getting started with my more assertive process of creation and working with crafting!  I have so many ideas and things I would like to do, but first had to make room for these things in may life, beginning with setting my sewing room in a way that I could really work in it and feel like I was in afternoon tea with friends.  It is not completely finished yet, but it is workable, and will try to have pictures posted.  But most of all I am very happy that I can start thinking about this now, it is something I have always wanted to do, but having to provide for my little ones for a little awhile when they were younger and having to make ends meet didn't allow room for my desire to be creative very much. I used to have days with very long hours!  As I know some of you might have had to as well!  I have also realized that life can be simpler and easier, and for some time now I have been trying to live it simpler as well.  My house is a reflection of it, small, rustic and comfy!  I don't enjoy environments were we can't feel like we are home.  Hotels are beautiful, but they don't look lived in or inviting, they are impersonal and cold.  I tend towards the Provence and French decor... I love the look of living in and historical without being only for show... le champ ... the country ... that's what I love!  the plants and flowers, nature and all it can provide... I live 10 mins from one of the biggest cities in the world, São Paulo, the city that never stops... and what a nightmare, traffic is very intense at times and days, noisy, pollution... you get the picture!  so it is so good to come home!

Inspire Online Magazine

Inspire Online Magazine -- for those ladies who are inspired by a teatime idea...and love blogging!! just found this blog and an online pdf magazine... some fun things inside... enjoy!

atmosfera di casa

atmosfera di casa -- This a lovely place with beautiful white embroidery!! gorgeous actually!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This blog has been  a slow start; this last month everyone at home was fighting a cold hard to get rid of..., but also  it is funny to write not knowing who will read what you write, you really don't who they are except for a little tiny picture to start with! from people's profiles... what to write, how to write, about what? 
Many of you I can't read much, except for the beautiful photos of your life and work and yet we can have a glimpse show of each and everyone in a special way; some don't even have a picture so we are left imagining what that person looks like!   What what we can see is that which is good and important, unique to each person!

So I decided to relax and just be me!  The things you see are what is important to me!

My work will slowly come around too.... only now can I really dedicate myself to the things I enjoy so much! !  Creating is something that is part of me... couldn't live without it!!

I'm sure you all know how that is... it is almost as having a baby, you give life to ideas and feelings! you have a sense of accomplishment and realization!  making our environment more loving more beautiful...less violent or aggressive.... for that I am thankful to all of you whose blogs I have been to... this is a collective message to all bloggers  I've visited and haven't received a message from me... sometimes time is lacking!!  Thank you for all the beautiful and inspiring things!!!

moments past

 my beautiful mom, who has already left this earthly life!
one who has suffered much during wartime,
leaving her homeland -- Hungary  -- and family,
coming to a completely new world and life in a foreign country, 
who didn't speak the new language or how to communicate,
and not a penny to her name!
Her last earthly year was the peak of her career,
chosen by fellow colleagues as the "Lawyer of the Year" 
-- she acquired her degree at 53-4 years old.... 
one of the top of her class!

anyuka is about 16 years old here

Bandi is about 11-12 here, I'm almost 2
Born at the end of the war,
Bandi also suffered in his early life
while in a DP camp in Klagenfurt, Austria,
where he was born,
until they could get 
a visa to travel elsewhere! Brazil...
Where I was born !
And here I am at around 2-3 years of age

                                                                almost  2 year old kis Ica

nagy Ica a few years ago

my not so secret garden

I couldn't call my garden a secret garden where fairies dwell, because it is a very wide and sunny place and plants haven't yet reached it's full size!! I had to plant everything that is growing here, and still planning where to have my vegetable garden... but I do have a grove...and I think that fairies do fly about in this grove which  looks like a sacred grove...where the birds come around, and squirls run around  humming birds fly and woodpeckers nest...along with ... parrots and tucans !  It is lovely to sit in my sewing room looking out the window to the grove and being taken by the multiple chirping of birds!  Where else could we have all of this in the heart of winter?

where else?

maple trees are not typical of a tropical climate, but they grow well in the south
-- here is one of my  maple tree during fall in Brazil

fake grape vine

would these green leaves be growing at the same 
time as the old leaves are turning red?

where else would spring happen at the same time as fall is falling in?

and typical Christmas flowers bloom in July?

naturally this is winter for them flowers!! they know that!!!!!!


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