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Thursday, December 1, 2011

christmas time!!!

Well we are now at the Christmas time!! December is just here and we are 24 days of the 25th Christmas Day, the most important of all!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful time getting ready for this wonderful time!

This is full of church activities and they are just great!  bunch of ideas that can be adjusted to several programs and activities!!  I hope it may be helpful to all who want this kind of things!!

And we shall be blessed by working at this wonderful time to keep in mind that money and presents are not the most important things, but that we need to learn to help one another!! 

Now looking at some things to make as a gift either for Christmas or other especial times I found this blog page that is fun for the all different kinds of things shown and that we can get lots of ideas to make something to someone!  I just loved it!!
Here is the site where lots of things can be found...sorry couldn't show a picture... so have fun there!!!

And this where I found a whole bunch of blogs where there are also other ideas!!  I didn't see them all yet, but this is where I found this one above!!  You can also find other things there!! a good thing to have in our files!!  have fun with lost of things!!


  1. Hi Ilona! Oops... I don't know what happened to my blog, but I did some "tricks" and now all the pics are back...pfewwww! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    And thanks for the links you gave us! Have a happy December!



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