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Friday, December 2, 2011

fun places!

Today I saw lots of pages, and it always where I spend a lot of time seeing the fun and pretty things the ladies do in their things!  so many good work and interesting things!!!  so I decided to mention this here in my blog, and because my house is not ready yet (something to talk about another time), and I can't work on my things yet, I just love watching the beautiful blogs!

Today I really like this one because she has lots of pretty things for christmas time and she also showed a page from her place, a fun store in country Italy!  She has a small baby and still works on her pretty blogs.  When I see the ladies with babies and doing her crafts it's a great thing...when I had my babies I also had to work, so almost not time for the things I like doing so much!!  I hope you enjoy it too!!

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