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Sunday, December 18, 2011

a wonderful experience!

Today I was reading about some special activities that some good people practice here in our country, but also all over the word as time is needed.  Here in Brasil this was an activity that has been happening for some years already and now with the new efforts to make it something other people can joying up to help those in need has made things in the news, facebook, and so many other ways to make it known and being there if desired!  Every time I see it my heart feels warm and hot!!  I have also worked in so many of the programs and it is always a blessing to me as well!!

If you would like to see it and learn about it, just look at this page...there are a lot of things done!
There are so many articles on the different projects with the pictures of the places and what was done.  It is such a beautiful job done in some different things, families, children, babies, houses, street services, food, learning, and so many others when problems happen in the areas!  Very good things!

And this was a beautiful day, sunny, nice warm, and now the summer rain at the end of the day!  A wonderful day, and it has been fun to see everyone happy with the wonderful day to come!  So good to see people getting ready for this special time, the best of the year!

                                                                 Salt Lake City


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