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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So today is Sunday, the time to be in church and grow stronger and learn more about us, from friends and closer to our dear Father!!!
The day was finally warmer and full of sun, something we didn't have for some 3 weeks or has rained and been cold, either raining or without sun!!!  So funny...this is the most nice time of the year, sunny, flowers every where, sunny, not cold, and with very nice evenings...and this year so far it has been cold when there is no sun!!! very unusual!!!

Everyone is now getting ready for new kids who will try for college for new year!  Some schools have had their tests already, some still are having, but everyone getting ready to get the new students by February ... the special and fun for some just beginning ... summer vacation beginning next month, lots of people on vacation during Christmas and New Years, but still lots of people working on the gifts for Christmas!!

A new year almost here, 2012, it looks like a good number!  let's hope it will be a good year even if we do have some challenges along the new year!!

I hope I get to meet more friends here and learn from all of you!   I wish you all a got during getting ready for this so especial time of the year!!

I show here our special time of the year....Christmas!!!  We meet in our chapel every year usually at the end of this month, and here we can see everybody happy and getting ready this special time!!!  the little ones get anxious about the special time with the wonderful time with Santa Close who is coming to see them!!!  

here we are getting ready for our Christmas ward dinner...this was last year!!! we meet in the end of November so every one can be involved in their family holidays!! And we are be seen by the wonderful Santa...just to attive !!!  I don't have photos of this wonderful time...need to find some....but in the States ...!!!    this next weekend is the wonderful and long time with families and friends for Thanksgiving Holiday, and an important time with families because it's a longest holiday than Christmas and New Year! 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, it's been 2 weeks since I stopped my medication and it is great!  The adjusting to not using it and feeling better and stronger is such a good thing!  The thing that it's not fun is still having the gold weather at this time of year for us...summer starts around we are in November and still cold...ok if sun is up, but as soon it's gone it is cold!!!  in the house...always colder!!  it's funny how we get used to things in different places!

The problem with me writing here and doing my things is that I am still slow in working on my things!  I also love seeing all the things people do in their many beautiful things!  I end up not having time to write here to much!!
The thing I am working on now is cleaning my sewing room...after so many months of not going there and doing nothing on my sewing I got a surprise when I went there this last week...a's in the more full of trees in the property and more humid ... and all in was so dusted....!!!  It will take me some time to get it all clean!!!  need to clean some of the fabrics and the machines, clean the flours and walls, just to make sure that there is no dust to feel it when working!!
I was hopping the weather would be warmer ... it would be done faster because in the cold weather is not fun...I get cold cold and don't want to be there when is too cold!
So that's what I do... see all the beautiful things that show up here in my blog!!!   Thank you for all the things done...and in every place in the world!!

So here we begin with the house ... and here is the property towards the back after we were able to take of the things that were destroying all the natural trees!

the ground was made plain in this area, and next this would be my sewing area!

here the sewing house already being made... the property next door was sold, and here they started building a very tall wall ... here were working on our side !

we were going happy with building in our house until....

here we can see the work started to fix the neighbor's house... all the stuff to be used on the wall on my side first!

just as we were working on the back of the house the next door house started moving on their property and this happened by them... their wall was not built all the way down to our ground... because... because they make the ground go up 3 times taller than it was...just by my wall!!!   and without the protection it was to be there my wall went all the way down!!! Down here is the photo were the entrance had to be redone ... the neighbor had to have all done through my house!!

here is seen how up the neighbor's land was raised!  the previous wall done had to be redone as it is now in the last picture... here you can see how the wall went down!!  the next wall had to have other walls made, but first they redid my wall!

all the my wall was destroyed and the neighbor's wall was still there!!
looking from the neighbor's house with the problem during raining time

they had to cut and fix their wall before fixing my side wall...the whole wall had to be 40 meters long!!!

my entrance had to be all redone after the work was finished...destroyed by the neighbor's house! ...43 trucks went out just to get all the bad stuff out !
this back had to be also redone... the car destroyed my turn right in front the house!!

and hear we can see the new dirt put to remake the up wall and a new wall put on their higher floor!   here is my wall redone and the ground cleaned !  my little house in the back is not all done yet, but it is not shown here the car has been finished next to it! even though my sewing room it is not all finished yet, but I can use it for sewing  This neighbor problem was a lot of trouble and cost...he said he was going to pay me for the work I had to fix, but he didn't pay for the mess!!!  but we are okay!!!  A great lesson about doing things right !!!  my poor neighbor had to spend 5x on all the work he needed to have done, and prevent from his house falling down!!  Just because things started wrong for them!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A beautiful lady who does his work as if this her joy!

This is about Kathleen beautiful craft !!  She has worked with her work for many years, but she has been in a blogspot only for a couple of years.  I found her today through someone's page, and she is another lady who really made me very happy about her ideas and the many many blankets she has made!

Anyone who enjoys working with quilts will certainly have a good time with her works!

Since her page is also her job I can't copy any of it as well!! So go to page and you can see it all!!  Just beautiful will many different ones and also based on old styles!

Enjoy it!!!

                                        so lest get ready for Christmas!!!

A beautiful family, and a beautiful and diferent work!

I got so happy with this page I just saw!!  Sometime I forget to write on my page because of the many beautiful things I see, but just now I had to share with those that might come here!!!  This page is gorgeous on everything!  I felt the need to share about them, a cute family in Utah...and I am sorry I forgot to get their names, but going online you will see them and like them too!!!

I can't copy the pictures because it is her work and business, but it is work seeing all the work she has done, her beautiful family, her love of work and helping poor children with the good things she can do!  It is an exciting thing to see, and just a young lady and her 4 cute children!  I hope who can see this page will enjoy it as I did!!

Her work sale page is and all her work is at this add, and I hope it can be good to see!

I big day to everyone !!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

So glad to be off a medication!!! so good

Just happy because after my problem in the hospital in May and the medication I had to drink until a couple of days I am felling just fine...this medication really made feel so slow and a little dizzy ... so now I need to do now is start walking to get strong again!!  So happy to feel okay!
I didn't try to do much on my work and things I like to do... it was so cold and now after 32 years they say we are again as cold... it's time for summer a month and a little some from spring and it's cold...!!  so I have been reading a lot, watching the so cute ladies who have wonderful sites of their pages with sewing, painting, housing and so many skills!  So wonderful to see so many beautiful and well made things that instead of writing in my blog I am on every bodies sites to see their beautiful things!!
Thank you everyone who I have listed on my site and have so many beautiful works!!

                     I hope we all a good time as we are all getting ready for this special time of Christmas !!!


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