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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have just realized in a very clear way how my Hungarian heritage speaks out in my choices of colors and patterns in my drawing and designing!  Very interesting, since my Magyar experience comes only from my mother and the things we had around the house. Strong colors speak out to me... although I do like the shabby and pastels colors, every time I choose colors for my house I end up with reds, yellows and blues!

But here I have a bag made for my hubby, he wanted a bag to take to church, with the colors he chose. It has many partitions, one for his computer, and another for the books, a pencil holder, shoulder straps and handles, zippers and pockets.  It was fun working on it, and he is very pleased with it.  It is made of a strong 100% cotton similar to light jeans, easy to wash, and best of all it won't show if it gets dirty!
This came out fuzzy, but you can have an idea

a pocket with a pen/pencil slot

shouder strap and handles

zipper thingies

computer pocket with pads

second pocket

and a side view of the pockets

some twinkling

Since I heart my leg, ankle and foot, I had to rest with leg up... bending the knee was and still is a little painful... so sitting at my sewing machine wasn't an option, so I have been doing some crochet which will be used on some of the sewing I have planned, my bags, girls dresses, etc. I also am working on a rug.  I need to switch tasks because my thumb gets sore, so I have all of them going at the same time!
This a thicker and stronger floss, and it lends itself very for rug making; a very used item in the households, in the kitchen, bathroom and as door mats. Some are made very big either round or square for the living room.  In the summer they are a favorite because it can be easily washed and it keeps the house cool and fresh.  Installed carpets don't work so well for us because it is harder to clean and in the summer they make the house too hot.  In very humid places it may be a disease trap... due to mildew, so not very welcome.

Mine is not following a pattern, I don't like to follow patterns very much, so I'm just making it up as I go; this one will have an orange color next to the pink, then the natural again... and so on and so forth.
in these other ones I'm playing with the floss and the colors to see what I like most, and then work on details for my bags and girl's dresses and shirts

I tried to make the little flowers look like yo-yos



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