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Sunday, June 27, 2010


finally feeling better from a nasty cold!! winter time and dry weather are not a good combination !! can't remember when was the last time I had a bad cold... about 6 years ago!!! maybe!  but this one couldn't be helped... if DH gets one it's a bit hard not to catch it too!
But, I could do do some knitting ... it has been awhile since I did anything... made a cap and am working on a matching sweater...let's see how it goes...will post pics... just finished the cap a little awhile ago!!
I certainly appreciate all the girls I've been following on their blogs...some wonderful things and even had a couple of nice messages from KicsiKató and Mammka ... thank you... some I can't translate with the google tool... but even when I can't understand it all I can still see the beautiful work and pictures!

The world of blogging certainly has opened a beautiful window to the world and to meet some very neat people... that means fantastic people!! how much fun it is!!

Good week to all of you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was looking at some pictures today and here it was my beautiful mom!!

isn't she beautiful!!?

Sweet as a Candy

Sweet as a Candy

this for those of you preparing for a wedding.... love all the details!!


it  seems that with bloggers new features I was able to fix the glitch in my other blog, so I'll used it for different topics it will make it easier for the reading since topics will be more related to each other; I haven't yet been able to post anything interesting as far as my own work...but I will...  DH had a terrible cold and now I have it too... feel a truck, a bulldozer and a tank ran over me... !! just want to stay still and cuddle in my blankie.. good thing it is winter... good for cuddling!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Brazil is known for being a country of constrasts... even for us it's native children!!!  Last night was our coldest night so far! But the sun was shining, and by afternoon it was bearable under the sun... and I took pictures of the garden, some changing colors for the winter, others in fool bloom and color!! where else could you have the wiltering plants along with blooming and springing?  Brazil, of course!!
  Will post the pictures later on... now I'm dealing with DH with a terrible cold!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


In view of all the economic stress that the world has been put through, I thought this link on my previous post would be of great interest to many!!  I'm a firm believer that we should ponder and consider living a simpler life and learn how to depend on our own resources. Of course we depend on so many other factors, and we can never stand alone as an individual simply because we our making was not meant to be such, we depend on family for moral and love support, we depend on friends and we depend on society as a whole for safety, not to say on our governments for the decisions they make for us. So responsible citizenship is a must if we want to be ruled in a just and fair way!  But just as were are independent individuals with free agency to choose and act...we have just as many different ways and different cultures where we take our make up from!  But we can just stop a little and look inside and reflect the paths our life have taken us, and we might realize that we could change some and learn some and therefore improve some.
In this link you will find a wealth of information that might be useful to you, as it has been for me, and how we can do so much better, if only we are willing to try and make things here'n there, of this'n that a little better.... I really hope it will be useful to you all!

New beginning!!

After twinkling with my first try at blogging... This'n That .... Chez Ilona.... and not knowing much about html...I was finally able to set my blog as I wish...This'n That .... Chez Ilona !!... so here we are again!   now will try to post my the things I would like to share, this will be the next step!

 After visiting so many of your blogs I really feel inspired with all the beautiful things created by so many of you...makes me think how nothing is ever lost for it is always an inspiration for some other ideas and creations! thank you all... if you visit the blogs I follow you will see what I mean!


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