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Monday, December 12, 2011

reliefed after all!!

Boy, getting our password okay can be a problem... almost 4 days not finding the way to get back to normal!!! finally this afternoon!! I so happy to be back!!!

So now we finally have sun again!!! it has been rainy for the last 2 weeks... so today sunny, warm and just gorgeous!!  it's summer time in 2 weeks...we should have had the sun and nice harmer weather!! crazy!

But the bast thing is that I'm getting stronger and more able to do the things I need to do!  The medication I had to take really slowed me down...something hard for me since i had always been ...even as little one...very active and doing things! after this special time of Christmas  I need to get back to normal!!

This is a Christmas ideas made by:

Such a beautiful blog will all kind of things, but this is for Christmas decoration !  Very simple and not expensive, it just decorates the place to bring us close to feeling of this wonderful holidays!  sorry that lost s of the blogs don't let us copy the nice photos...but it is good to go look!!

So we are getting close and let's get ready!!  so much to do!! have fun!

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