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Saturday, July 3, 2010


you can see the new view of my home... this is winter here in SP ... on a beautiful blue sky day and warm sun!
I was responsible for the design of the landscape and overall construction, the engineer only put in on the paper!... I love my garden and my flowers...they will be posted next ... tons of them!
But I'm really upset... I had to transplant a tree ... a typical pine tree from Brasil...auracária.... because the neighbor didn't want it next to this dividing wall... can you believe it!... a gorgeous tree!! and we live in an environmental protected area where the trees cannot be cut!.... well ... I think my trees won't make it!! they look so dry!!
there's a whole more, but don't have time now to upload all the pics!! but you can have an idea so far!


I managed to go to the mega fair yesterday, and when I say managed I really mean managed.... it was an ordeal to get there !! but it was worth it... only feel that I didn't have time to see it all... it was closing time and I was half way visiting all the stands!!
It was a fair showing suppliers, crafters of all kinds and classes!
I took pics from the windows... some are not so good as I had glare from the glass window, but it is still possible to see the work!

There is felt work, wood painting, some scrapart, and many more!!
Some very beautiful things!

mega artesanato fair - 2010


Moda Bake Shop


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