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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

25 de março Bon Marche

We have here in São Paulo city the best shopping experience in this one street called 
 25 de março-- March 25th--- 
it was the downtown business area established in the turn of the century in the 1900 by immigrants who took up the trading business after they arrived in Brazil-- Lebanese, Turcs, Jews, Syrians.... 
all very good in the textile, notions, and the likes!
 The business is now well established, and it is the stage of daily journeys for people from all over Brazil.  Everybody buys there and take the products to be sold in their local businesses.    Well... I am not immune to it at all... I go bonkers when I am there, I want to buy everything !!!!!

Last week I was there and here are some of the things I acquired for preparing for the coming holidays!

I am sorry I forgot to take my camera; it is such a peculiar, active and vibrant place with lots of people in the streets... you can barely walk in the streets, the stores are always full; and if you want to have an enjoyable shopping experience it is necessary to arrive very early before the crowds fall in! And let me tell you in the summer it is an excruciating  experience... the stores get very hot... no cooling system is enough in full crowded stores.... You can find anything you want!!

house remodeling

the roof is being layed out a bit higher than the veranda's
 old windows and doors found to fit just right were we needed them--still need some prepping!
 doors frames to be used as window frames and railway ties as colunms
 I found these glass blocks that weren't even used up...will make a perfect light wall in the kitchen

 old windows that will be used in the kitchen as well
 the kitchen will have a bay window to make better use of day light as well

 closing up the veranda with a sliding door and glass in the top part, also to have better lighting
I m really hoping this will be done and finished in 2 weeks... we need to be finished and be ready for Christmas!


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