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Saturday, July 24, 2010

things from chez moi

these are some lemons,
even though you might think they oranges!!!!
  they have a very different flavor...
lemonades are super any time of the year!
these were the first in this tree!

 jabuticabas -- typical of Brazil,
they are very sweet juice little things...
I love them, can't have enough of it!   
they grow in the bark ...
first the little white flowers bloom
and then the sweet fruit start going!
this is a young tree in it's first round of blooming!

my little kittens
 when they were little...
don't you just have to love them... they are so cute!!
this is Mimi who became mommy of
these other 3 little rascals!--
always mischivious getting into things!

Cotton and Simba always cuddling to sleep!

a joke because the boys said she 
looks like an ET with them big eyes, 
but I prefer to call her Rose! 
after all she is a little girl!

bags and totes from moda

And now this link is really cool!!  lots of ideas for totes and bags and this is one of my passions, I loooooove totes and bags!! love inventing and designing them.... need to get around getting pics and posting them! but here are some fun things to look at get inspired!

a tutorial for a rag rug!!!

I just found this tutorial!!!  I have wanted to do one of these for a long time and always lacked the time and this shows a much simpler way of doing than what I have previously learned!!

It would be perfect in my sewing room, I love working bare feet and like the feel of the rugs as I walk on them! especially on the hot days!



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