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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been almost a month since I posted last!!  wow can't believe how fast time goes when you're having fun... or maybe... This month has been a hectic one, so much going on!
Between managing this remodeling in the house, getting started with the new year, new students, working on some orders on some sewing, and all else that life entails just about took all my time away.
But, I can't deny also that this month was a downer as far as the things I had set as goals, and the things I actually got to do.  This always lives me feeling less of a winner!

Pondering on all these things I realize that that's what life is really all about.  We need to set priorities... someone said in a talk once.... If you don't have your priorities in order, you lose power!...
And isn't it so very true... if I don't know where I am  going I'll never get there.  Our mind needs to be aligned with our priorities and goals constantly... think and act on them constantly, reevaluating, resetting and getting started again!

If we fill up our plate too much, we will always feel rund down and less victorious!

Sometimes we also carry too much load on our shoulders, and that weigh us down!  It's a must that we unload that which we don't need anymore, those things we can't act upon and that are not ours to carry, and that alone is a heavy task... us women have that thing that makes us think we are here to save the world of its burdens, and we are to save our world only...if we can manage to do that we are saving the world of sorts... meaning we create less problem which by itself frees others of our burdens!

The idea of being self sufficient is of great import to many as it should!  After all we must be able to take care of ourselves and our family.  The down point is when we overload ourselves so much that we instead become  unable to function because we can't see through of what to do 1st! consequently we run in circles and don't get anywhere.

So this is what I have been trying to do... put these ideas in check, make sure I am unloading unnecessary baggage, and freeing myself for those things that really matter!

those include: thoughts, feelings, goals, things, and as I seat here writing this post I can hear the birdies chirping and singing and flying around, feel the breeze and the sun shinning through the windows, and realize that we need to little to really be happy.  It shouldn't be hard to organize things!

Someone posted a video on FaceBook about time, how it has the great power to help us put things into perspective!  How we can get over resentments, frustrations and some many other things, if only we can give us time to work on the steps to get to where we need to go.

We were all born with 2 great gifts, we were all given free agency and time.... we are all born with them... with the correct use of time and free agency we can shape our destiny here and in the life to come!

Monday, February 7, 2011

love casteth away all fear

Today I am in the musing mode, thinking of what this life is made of !
In church yesterday, I read a quotation from I John - Love knows no Fear - Love casteth away Fear!

Let love abound !

May we all think of that before we allow ourselves be angry, resentful and act on love...what would Christ do in this situation?  I am sure we would have less of what we see in the world today!

As I blog I read and meet so many wonderful mothers and women of character and determination, I see so much they have done and do to make their family's and their lives better!

We as women should join up, and in our own individual sphere of influence do just that influence for good, for peace, for love, for understanding...  teach our children about forgiveness and understanding each other's different cultures and ways of life, allowing space for the differences and respect for them!

If we all do our little bit, I am sure that we will see an overall improvement!

I enjoy and follow so many of you great women, thank you for showing me and sharing all your many talents and accomplishments!  I hope to be the same!

Thank you all who visit and please let me know you have been Chez Moi!

Happy Valentine's Day 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

on bags again

Again on bags, Lucy from is an avid crocheter... and she does some fun and colorful things!  I love how she makes her house so lively with her crafts, but this bag has been seen in many blogs and I really like it!

Some ladies in Australia were making them for the relief fund to help those who have lost so much in the floods!

make a bag

Making bags is one thing I really love doing... can't tell you why though...
it's one of those things that just makes me happy!
I think you can tell someone's likes and personality by the way they use their bags!
The 1st bag I made I was around 16... it was a patchwork bag...made of a whole bunch of littles scraps my mom had... made a on a simple zig zag machine the hot point od machines back then.
I like reds and yellows, they look like spring and summer to me, and this bag was like that with lots of reds and yellows  -- I lined it with terry cloth -- I didn't know anything about quilting back then -- so no quilting, but the patchwork I made was what today they call the crazy quilting only thing is that I had no embroidery on it.  I used a wood handle  and also some braided cord for the long strap!
When I got into college this bag was very handy for all the many things I had to carry... it almost felt like a Mary Poppins bag...all sort of things came of it!

So as I was browsing today I found this bag, and it's colors and prints reminded me so much of my old bag! Memories flooded my mind.  Back then my mom was there with me, and she was surprised by final product!  and I felt so proud of myself!

I guess that's were my love for bags started.... considering that in my mom's widower pension budget there wasn't much I could buy to supply my teenager vanity.  Learning how to make my own things came out of need and now it is such a pleasure to be able to keep doing it after learning so many other ways to do so many other things!

this cute little bag was found at
 along with a very fun PAP and many other things she has there!  hop on for a visit if you want to see more!


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