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Thursday, March 29, 2012

and another month...going to fast!!

Well time was has been fast and fast!  I can't never do all I wish!!  but here comes our new Fall period...and what usually doesn't happen until the end of the period we just had a cold couple of days and rain!!  what a surprise and new weather all of a sudden !!

But so is life... but I'm happy for those of you up north from us... Spring is there, and everyone is happy with spring time!!

This last week we had the passing on of a man who was loved by the whole people in Brazil...his programs where always on the people who acted in funny, crazy, silly, dummy, terrible, and all kinds possible ... he had over 200 people represented in his programs!!  Chico Anysio!!  came to Rio from the northeast and stayed there where he became a great person in many things!!  people were sad for his goodbye, but it was said his story and art will remain and loved for ever!!

Here is Chico Anysio -- all his activities and his talks about his programs and life!!

But something that I found here today... a great cooking of delicious deserts and stuff!!

And time to go ... work to do!!  hope you enjoy !!

Monday, March 19, 2012

a hard time

Wow!!! it's been so long!!  

Well, life has been getting back to normal after the time I was 
so much into getting better from last year, and now things
 are getting back to normal life 
and working with the many things I need to do...
 not being able to get started on my sawing and all!! 

 Hope to get back there soon!!  
One thing to keep me away from my writing is also the many 
things here I love to is hard to not do all the time...
but it is also so many good things ...  

So here it is some of the things I have found everywhere
 and these ideas can help me create some of my own!

I like the ideas, colors, shapes...much to think about!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

so cute and fun!!

I just found her typepad....and it's just wonderful!! 
 A beautiful family and a lady with a lot of cute work 
done by her she started not too long ago...and 
for the first time she ever did!!  
I loved her work and ideas!!

If you go see it I think you'll like it too!!

We are now getting ready for Easter!! So are they!!


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