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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the global world!

I feel so honored to be able to into so many of your homes and see how you live and do things!! it makes me realize that we all do feel the same things and want the same things... we want family, love, and beautiful things and yet we are so different in the way we do things.  It is interesting to see the styles and trends in each country... how some like country homes / vintage and others like it more stark or simple! and yet how each is beautiful in their own special way!!

I love to see that and learn from you!

Para as brasileiras  que talvez ñ entendam inglês... podem me falar em português mesmo... escolhi o inglês pq me dá acesso a mais pessoas no mundo!  o ggogle faz uma tradução meio doida e engraçada mas dá para ter uma idéia do que se trata no post!! e acabo aprendendo também!!  mas pf fiquem a vontade para fazer comentários e perguntas!!
  this great technology of blogging allows
us all to best buddies, BFF and MAPS.. isn't
it great... no jealousy or envy!!

more pics from my paradise!!!

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