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Sunday, July 11, 2010

moments past

 my beautiful mom, who has already left this earthly life!
one who has suffered much during wartime,
leaving her homeland -- Hungary  -- and family,
coming to a completely new world and life in a foreign country, 
who didn't speak the new language or how to communicate,
and not a penny to her name!
Her last earthly year was the peak of her career,
chosen by fellow colleagues as the "Lawyer of the Year" 
-- she acquired her degree at 53-4 years old.... 
one of the top of her class!

anyuka is about 16 years old here

Bandi is about 11-12 here, I'm almost 2
Born at the end of the war,
Bandi also suffered in his early life
while in a DP camp in Klagenfurt, Austria,
where he was born,
until they could get 
a visa to travel elsewhere! Brazil...
Where I was born !
And here I am at around 2-3 years of age

                                                                almost  2 year old kis Ica

nagy Ica a few years ago


  1. He and he had a clear eye with what kind of pleasure and a smile for your mommy!
    he had a hard life. My father. Four suffered from Russian captivity until a acquainted with my mommy then.
    The old photos and memories are so beautiful!
    Mammka-Monika from Hungary

  2. My mom and dad met close to the Transylvanian border before it become Romania. She was a volunteer with the Red Cross and he was serving in the army! He was born in Bucarest... then Hungary!
    I need to scan his photos... will post him next!

  3. Reminiscence! Sweetly memories photos!



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