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Sunday, July 11, 2010


This blog has been  a slow start; this last month everyone at home was fighting a cold hard to get rid of..., but also  it is funny to write not knowing who will read what you write, you really don't who they are except for a little tiny picture to start with! from people's profiles... what to write, how to write, about what? 
Many of you I can't read much, except for the beautiful photos of your life and work and yet we can have a glimpse show of each and everyone in a special way; some don't even have a picture so we are left imagining what that person looks like!   What what we can see is that which is good and important, unique to each person!

So I decided to relax and just be me!  The things you see are what is important to me!

My work will slowly come around too.... only now can I really dedicate myself to the things I enjoy so much! !  Creating is something that is part of me... couldn't live without it!!

I'm sure you all know how that is... it is almost as having a baby, you give life to ideas and feelings! you have a sense of accomplishment and realization!  making our environment more loving more beautiful...less violent or aggressive.... for that I am thankful to all of you whose blogs I have been to... this is a collective message to all bloggers  I've visited and haven't received a message from me... sometimes time is lacking!!  Thank you for all the beautiful and inspiring things!!!

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