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Monday, July 12, 2010

So now you know who I am .... just a little more about my life and you had a view of what was my family some few years ago.  I now have my two grown up boys,  26 and 24, and my dear Paul, no grandchildren yet, Zoltán has just gotten married and Joshua is still looking for his better half! Life has been hard and has been good at the same time, life and hardships go together as cookies and milk! and these challenges makes strong and better if we do know how to deal with them in the proper manner. As I start in this endevour... I am a teacher and a translator, but these things don't really complete me... I do like doing it but they don't fulfill me, so I am slowly getting started with my more assertive process of creation and working with crafting!  I have so many ideas and things I would like to do, but first had to make room for these things in may life, beginning with setting my sewing room in a way that I could really work in it and feel like I was in afternoon tea with friends.  It is not completely finished yet, but it is workable, and will try to have pictures posted.  But most of all I am very happy that I can start thinking about this now, it is something I have always wanted to do, but having to provide for my little ones for a little awhile when they were younger and having to make ends meet didn't allow room for my desire to be creative very much. I used to have days with very long hours!  As I know some of you might have had to as well!  I have also realized that life can be simpler and easier, and for some time now I have been trying to live it simpler as well.  My house is a reflection of it, small, rustic and comfy!  I don't enjoy environments were we can't feel like we are home.  Hotels are beautiful, but they don't look lived in or inviting, they are impersonal and cold.  I tend towards the Provence and French decor... I love the look of living in and historical without being only for show... le champ ... the country ... that's what I love!  the plants and flowers, nature and all it can provide... I live 10 mins from one of the biggest cities in the world, São Paulo, the city that never stops... and what a nightmare, traffic is very intense at times and days, noisy, pollution... you get the picture!  so it is so good to come home!

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