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Friday, July 16, 2010

oh well!!

had to change the blog once more!!! it wasn't working out too well... too heavy to download and too spread out...margins didn't align well either.... as I can't fix it yet... a change was due!!  but now this is my goal... to learn how to work with html... and not be at the mercy of searching for something that fits me!!

anyway!! this looked like a good idea just now... we are well into a cold front  that just came from the south... it might even snow down there!!! here, it's been raining straight on for almost 3 days... and it is cold!! so a hot chocolate just about now feels good.... be my guest !!  even if it isn't as cold wherever you are... cold chocolate feels good too!!
I would like to know what  you think about this new environment!!

On a different subject,  I really feel bogged down, it seems the day doesn't have enough hours for all that I have to do and would like to do!!  hours fly by and then when you see it is another day already!! what's happening with time... has someone given a spin to the earth a little too faster lately!!?

oh well!! have to make the best of it.. let's have some chocolate!

and back to work... or nothing gets done!!!  see ya!

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