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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So today is Sunday, the time to be in church and grow stronger and learn more about us, from friends and closer to our dear Father!!!
The day was finally warmer and full of sun, something we didn't have for some 3 weeks or has rained and been cold, either raining or without sun!!!  So funny...this is the most nice time of the year, sunny, flowers every where, sunny, not cold, and with very nice evenings...and this year so far it has been cold when there is no sun!!! very unusual!!!

Everyone is now getting ready for new kids who will try for college for new year!  Some schools have had their tests already, some still are having, but everyone getting ready to get the new students by February ... the special and fun for some just beginning ... summer vacation beginning next month, lots of people on vacation during Christmas and New Years, but still lots of people working on the gifts for Christmas!!

A new year almost here, 2012, it looks like a good number!  let's hope it will be a good year even if we do have some challenges along the new year!!

I hope I get to meet more friends here and learn from all of you!   I wish you all a got during getting ready for this so especial time of the year!!

I show here our special time of the year....Christmas!!!  We meet in our chapel every year usually at the end of this month, and here we can see everybody happy and getting ready this special time!!!  the little ones get anxious about the special time with the wonderful time with Santa Close who is coming to see them!!!  

here we are getting ready for our Christmas ward dinner...this was last year!!! we meet in the end of November so every one can be involved in their family holidays!! And we are be seen by the wonderful Santa...just to attive !!!  I don't have photos of this wonderful time...need to find some....but in the States ...!!!    this next weekend is the wonderful and long time with families and friends for Thanksgiving Holiday, and an important time with families because it's a longest holiday than Christmas and New Year! 

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