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Monday, November 7, 2011

A beautiful family, and a beautiful and diferent work!

I got so happy with this page I just saw!!  Sometime I forget to write on my page because of the many beautiful things I see, but just now I had to share with those that might come here!!!  This page is gorgeous on everything!  I felt the need to share about them, a cute family in Utah...and I am sorry I forgot to get their names, but going online you will see them and like them too!!!

I can't copy the pictures because it is her work and business, but it is work seeing all the work she has done, her beautiful family, her love of work and helping poor children with the good things she can do!  It is an exciting thing to see, and just a young lady and her 4 cute children!  I hope who can see this page will enjoy it as I did!!

Her work sale page is and all her work is at this add, and I hope it can be good to see!

I big day to everyone !!!

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