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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the time of a nice weather!

 Our beautiful plants for Christmas .......  Summer time!!!

our beautiful plants in the garden!

Our dear Christmas guy!

Home and Family
our home for this special time!

So about almost last month we started a new time for a warmer time and sunny days!  But the cold weather is around yet!  We just had 4 days of constant rain and a still a little cold weather!  A very not time of weather usually.  The way the seasons have been in the last years have changed, and in this big São Paulo city many things have changed because of how it has grown and how big it has become.  It is constantly in the 1st 10 in the world about of its size.  Some countries that have never grown until now have been seen and became part of the same growth.
The worst thing that hast happened every country is the rain, the fire, and so many other not so good conditions.  This happening all over the world has been more and more frequent.  The stories and conditions we can read in the computer, newspaper, TV, and every other possible show how our life has changed since not long ago.  We have had some new things avail and possible like never before, what a good thing!
However we can also so many bad things happening all over just the same.  The thing I am happy about is the chance to be with family and everything we can be to one another.  As we come to this year end and prepare for Christmas we can think and pray for one another, spend time together as families, use the Christmas time to grow more religious and better persons.
This is my great desire for this season...not money or fun...but good time with our family and friends, and happy for the time together!

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