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Saturday, October 8, 2011

getting better!!!

Well this year was one really not years really are for me!  The year was/has been totally different of any other year.  In April there was an incident during a heavy rain and we got stopped inside a big cross full of water.  We didn't know that this was the normal thing in this place.  Well making it small and short...we got stuck in the middle of the water was dead and would not start again; we had to get out in a very dirty water full of all kind of dirty things...all kind of very bad and thirty water.  Our car took a long time to get home...we needed to be taked home and the car need to be carried home as well.  After this mess at this time I got sick and after 3 weeks had to run to the hospital...and there I was totally out for 6 days and after that I had to go back to normal like slowly.  This lasted in the hospital until the end of home I have been taking care of ever thing to make sure everything is back to normal.  I came back to normal and have to work my speaking way...sometimes I steal forget at that little starting some word or way of saying it is much better and faster.  So after all these days...many days working out the last months I am almost back to what I was and more active.

This was an interesting period of time and life...not having this more series life before I had to learn how to be more careful and learn a new way for me.  I had to become more careful and patient, more loving and understanding of all of us who sometimes have to be patients with those around us!!  Life is important in many ways, but families should be always the most important thing in our lives.  When we are like that ... we help  one another in the difficult moments.  I am very happy for my good family who were always there...all my life ... and this time again ... who helped me !!!  The ones I have also had the chance to help them also!!  I am so thankful to and for family's every moment we have had the chance to be with each other!
This has been a good one for me with all my good brothers there with me!!!  thank you dear brothers!!! and son boys as well!!
I love you all from my Ilona



  1. Bad things can not stay, good things always come!

    Nevertheless, Keep the faith! Keep the hope! Stay alive!

    God bless you!

  2. thank you for your care, and yes I am already feeling medication!!!



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