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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm happely able to be here again!!!

This last week was not fun...many times trying to be in my place to contact friends through my site was denied several times...what a pain...but I finely was able to be here again;  I have also tried to contact some people and for some reason I couldn't live comments to those I wanted to say how much I liked what I found in their pages and my messages were not in;  some sites have a different way to accept messages and I still haven't found the right way...but I wanted to thank all those I have in page and that is so easy to see them, and follow their beautiful things, who are very active and have great ideas and fun as well, thank you and I will be trying to be better at contacting them and letting them how I like what I am watching in their blogs!!

we have lots of beautiful and different bards flying, thinking, walking around all day!!! but I never can picture them fast enough; there is always big groups every were, so here we can see what they look like!
my home when the sun in coming up... this is the best time... spring time!!!
and now some of the plants just becoming more full and pretty!!! the sun is their love!!!

This are the things that I love, beautiful plants, flowers, trees, sun, my house and family, the most important!!!  This is what is important in life...everything else such as working, cleaning, buying, selling, organizing, and so many others are just what we need to live, but what makes us happy are the beautiful things in nature!

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