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Thursday, February 3, 2011

make a bag

Making bags is one thing I really love doing... can't tell you why though...
it's one of those things that just makes me happy!
I think you can tell someone's likes and personality by the way they use their bags!
The 1st bag I made I was around 16... it was a patchwork bag...made of a whole bunch of littles scraps my mom had... made a on a simple zig zag machine the hot point od machines back then.
I like reds and yellows, they look like spring and summer to me, and this bag was like that with lots of reds and yellows  -- I lined it with terry cloth -- I didn't know anything about quilting back then -- so no quilting, but the patchwork I made was what today they call the crazy quilting only thing is that I had no embroidery on it.  I used a wood handle  and also some braided cord for the long strap!
When I got into college this bag was very handy for all the many things I had to carry... it almost felt like a Mary Poppins bag...all sort of things came of it!

So as I was browsing today I found this bag, and it's colors and prints reminded me so much of my old bag! Memories flooded my mind.  Back then my mom was there with me, and she was surprised by final product!  and I felt so proud of myself!

I guess that's were my love for bags started.... considering that in my mom's widower pension budget there wasn't much I could buy to supply my teenager vanity.  Learning how to make my own things came out of need and now it is such a pleasure to be able to keep doing it after learning so many other ways to do so many other things!

this cute little bag was found at
 along with a very fun PAP and many other things she has there!  hop on for a visit if you want to see more!

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