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Monday, January 31, 2011


So January is just about over! and we have just began a new year...isn't amazing how fast time goes by and we always feel like we didn't see it, or just didn't do all that we needed to to!... And as we get older it seems it is even going faster and faster!?
I feel totally overwhelmed and somewhat frustrated because I haven't been able to do all I needed and wanted to have done!  Is it because we expect so much from ourselves, or because we set our goal way too high? 
In either case the fact is that time is such a fleeing thing and we do have to keep track of our seconds and minutes every second!!! The thing is though that sometimes we just want to do nothing and we feel like we deserve that time, after all we always coming and going so if we just relax for this little bit it won't matter! But, then again, if we allow ourselves that relaxing moment something won't get done!

What a difficult equation!  it seems we are doomed to be a slave to the clock ticking!

two grown boys and you would think that your task is over...

I was in a condition, as a missionary to my church, that required of me to constantly keep tract of time and set goals and priorities!  Ever since then it have just become a habit to set priorities and goals!  if something doesn't get done today, it goes high up the list for the next day's priorities!
As the years have gone by, and the boys have grown up and life has come to a different set of priorities and demands, and I found myself with more time in my hands to do the things I have always wanted to do it now becomes a challenge to get those things done...

 hubby loves to play Santa... he lets his beard and hair grow especially for being Santa
 good friends sure bring joy to our lives... here is Lídia and kids, my dear Italian friend!

 and life is good when you have the right person next to you!

So here is the question, how do you motivate yourself and keep focused  to achieve those things? especially when the only person who expects anything from your is yourself?

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions!?

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