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Monday, February 7, 2011

love casteth away all fear

Today I am in the musing mode, thinking of what this life is made of !
In church yesterday, I read a quotation from I John - Love knows no Fear - Love casteth away Fear!

Let love abound !

May we all think of that before we allow ourselves be angry, resentful and act on love...what would Christ do in this situation?  I am sure we would have less of what we see in the world today!

As I blog I read and meet so many wonderful mothers and women of character and determination, I see so much they have done and do to make their family's and their lives better!

We as women should join up, and in our own individual sphere of influence do just that influence for good, for peace, for love, for understanding...  teach our children about forgiveness and understanding each other's different cultures and ways of life, allowing space for the differences and respect for them!

If we all do our little bit, I am sure that we will see an overall improvement!

I enjoy and follow so many of you great women, thank you for showing me and sharing all your many talents and accomplishments!  I hope to be the same!

Thank you all who visit and please let me know you have been Chez Moi!

Happy Valentine's Day 

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