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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season to Be Jolly

So we are in December again, wow!! Where did time went to!?  Here we are at another season to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, for those of us who are Christians.
This has always been my favorite time of the year!... decorating and preparing for the times we spend in family, when most make an effort to be together!

Family is what comes to my mind, memories of special times spent together! of loving fun and activity, of comings and goings, each involved in being family. Taking care of one another, of supporting one another!
Some get lost along the way though, family becomes a burden or something not to bother with! Well such is with lots of really saddens me, people suffer and yet do not give in or give out!!
The message is clear, we are to love one another, for better and for worse, we are to be there for each other!

After so many years Christmas always renews in me the desire to be better than I was last year! To work on being an updated person, more loving, forgiving, humble, accepting!

As we prepare for the grand opportunity let's rejoice in Him !

On another note my remodeling is going really was supposed to be done by now... it's frustrating my plans for Christmas and a bazaar I was planing on!  My house is a MESS, can't keep it clean with the men working here everyday, and now to complicate things worse, it's rainy reason...oh well...!!have to live with live with it!!
I haven't had time to blog much either, and so many of you doing so many beautiful things!

But helping with my future daughter in law wedding plans is fun...we are talking of dresses and things and I found a beautiful blog on planning for a wedding,,, Jane Austen like..beautiful I love the fashion of those days, and the flowing of soft fabrics and ribbons and little details! is your planning on something like that this is a place to be inspired by and for many great ideas!

their recent post is making a flower bouquet or arrangement... good for a wedding of for any festivity... Christmas for example !

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