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Sunday, December 12, 2010

RENOVA - Ecologia & Arte

Green is the word of the day... all is about recycling and renovating used items, being creative, reusing resources, rethinking ideas and concepts!

This is something I am trying to do even because financial resources are scarce ! so I try to recycle fabrics, clothes, construction materials and so forth!

Browsing through the blogs today I found this blog, a Brazilian blog on recycling with very interesting ideas!
A bed made of PET bottles, I had seen houses built with it too... a man in the northeast of Brazil who lived near the beach and didn't have money to build a traditional house, with bricks and cement, or similar materials, decided to use PET bottles... he filled the bottles with sand from the beach and used cement as you would with bricks... the whole house was built like that... walls were thick and strong, it wasn't hot in the house...near the beach where he had a stand to sell his food to tourists... how cool is that!? also saw a house in the Amazon area where floods are a constant when the rivers fill up with the rain... the house was a float made of PET bottles.... a hotel, with individual cabins built on PET bottles so tourists could come and experience life on the from the porch or just relax and enjoy the flow of the river!

Well... this blog is here with some interesting ideas, ideas to work with children and instill the idea of respecting our planet and natural resources!

Have fun making a shopping bag !

RENOVA - Ecologia & Arte

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