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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ponto grilh�o = ≠ Palestrina stitch? (1) � agulhas da m�ri

When I was in high school in Brazil ... 6th grade and on ... we used to have home economics and everything to do with being, or rather, preparing for being a mother and a housewife. This was a class I particularly liked since I enjoyed working my hands doing crafts and learning how to master the embroidery stitches and all other such abilities. We worked throughout the year on preparing a sampler which would then I final grade. One stitch that really got to me, and I can't tell you why because I don't know why, it the palestrina stitch, which I learned as the French knot, which I see today is not the same French knot most embroiderers know... It's a stitch most don't use, but I particularly like because it gives such a pretty effect on the design!
I have just found this very good tutorial and graph that show the stitch and it's possible variations really well.
So if you wanted to learn and use a new stitch here it is!

Ponto grilh�o = ≠ Palestrina stitch? (1) � agulhas da m�ri

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