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Thursday, August 26, 2010


This dainty and delicate flower grows in the
Rocky Mountains in the US mid west, where I've lived for so many years.
The natural flowers that sprout in the spring are gorgeous,
and fill up the fields with all different colors.
What differs Sego Lilies from all the other flowers is that they sprout in between 
the rocks and arid ground, unlike the others that bloom in the
meadows after the snow melt, or poke through the last snow of winter.
In all it's delicate and fragile appearance,
the Sego Lily is strong, resilient and withstand the dry and hot weather during summer!
They were the main staple for the early pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah, 
out of season and had no crops to survive from.  
These precious flowers were their means of survival until they could harvest their first crops.

and learn to bloom wherever they were planted!

If we can mirror ourselves in nature, we can emulate its attributes and learn to bloom wherever we are planted and make the best of our circumstances without suffering the loss of our feminility, graceful, soft, nurturing and loving ways!

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