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Thursday, August 26, 2010


For some reason, I really feel impressed to share with you; please, I don't mean to impose on anyone, but maybe be of inspiration to someone!

This  last week.. or rather last lots of days... have been challenging!
Life brings us unexpected surprises, sometimes from places we would have never dreamed of, nor even in our wildest dreams!  When they are great and good surprises they present no threats, but when they are not so great they instill an avalanche of feelings and scrutiny about our values, beliefs and principles that have been the guiding rule for our lives. Either we feel stronger about them, or they shatter in little pieces leaving nothing but a feeling of numbness and disappointment!
I am sure this is true to everyone, from the moment we are born to the moment we expire our last breath in this realm of mortal life!

We learn since we are little how to accommodate, adapt, endure, persist, have patience, forgive, let go, forget, or not!  The one thing I have learned is that ll of these attitudes are our choices, we choose how we want to feel!... we are not responsible for what other people feel or think or do!  even if we have not been the best example.  We choose how we will respond to every situation in our life.

I have also learned that our ability to be positive and develop good attitudes are influenced by our environment and circumstances, but they do not determine that we are not to have a good life.

Some people are blessed to have been born of good parents and circumstances, others are not!  we will never fully understand why things happen this or that way, just as we can never measure the reach of our influence on other people.  Some people feel victimized by life, others decide they will take matters into their hands and not allow  feeling sorry for themselves.  Why is it so.?.. psychology tries to explain and find reasons or motivations for our actions, some follow this or that school of thought, some have religion as their beacon and find solutions in it!  I am of them....

The more I live, the more I understand that this mortal life of ours does not make any sense unless we have some perspective to measure it by, and for me it is my understanding and faith in  Jesus Christ, His atoning sacrifice, love for mankind and mercy, have helped me become a better person, even when facing challenges... whatever they may be.  Not that I don't feel sad and disappointed at times, after all I am only human and have human reactions just like the next person, but to me the key point is that I have been learning to curb impulses and instincts, because I understand that it is possible to do so, thus enabling me to decide how I am going to feel or react to the said challenges.

This really makes me feel like a million dollar person.  It also allows me to understand that my happiness is my sole responsibility, no one can make me happy but myself.  Those loved ones around us make it all else better and more fun... we complete... Not all of us have family, or loving families round and about, then we find friends ... good friends ... and what a joy they are!

It really saddens me when I see family members who cannot be loving and friendly towards one another, when they can't work out their differences, forgive and forget!

All this rambling comes from the loss I have experienced recently ... a great family and my friends got lost in the trap of pride and vanity.  What is left are two small children, with no mother or father to love and care for them, their lives to decided by others who are not the ones who should be doing it!

It makes look into my own life... I am being proud and pride as well... Am I doing what I need to do to teach my own family about love and forgiveness towards one another and those of our immediate contact?

When death comes, there is nothing left to do, but before that happens, everything can be done, lives can be turned around, pain can be healed and wounds can be dressed, instead we learn how develop those attributes that will bring us closer together to our dear Father in Heaven.  We fill our cup with happiness, we learn to love ourselves, for we cannot love another unless we first know how to love ourselves, with all the flaws and imperfections we all do have.

The saddest is when someone leaves this life without making amends for past mistakes, all it is left is ..."What if...., and  if I had only..., and if it wasn't for...."

We will never know what it could have been, only what it was not... sad, very sad!

And looking around we see more and more of this very thing, and yet, every one bleeds for love and attention!

This video I just posted shows very eloquently this very idea!

May we all, when faced with challenges and sorrow and pain,
find solace in our families and in Jesus Christ who is our Redeemer and Comforter!

Nothing can make up for a loving family!

Families complement each other with each individual's unique traits, abilities and talents!

We are to accept one another and respect our differences, 
and learn from each other, just as we want to be accepted.

We cannot have one foot in the worldly life and
the other in the celestial realm... for we cannot serve two masters...

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  1. É verdade ,mas a humanidade não está pronta.



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