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Saturday, August 14, 2010


These last weeks we have felt the winter as we haven't before... tonight is especially cold! and yet the plants are budding with the new leaves and flowers!  I so love to see and follow up on my plants growth! It amazes me ... it always does, how nature knows knows and follows the changes in the weather and they just know when it time for what, and just how it mildly follows the lead!  I think we humans have something, or rather, lots to learn from nature!

I have been working in setting up other blogs where I can deal with specific topics and keep my log and a journal of things that are important to me, so i haven' t been dedicated to my sewing as I want to be!

And I have noticed that most of my visitors are from Hungary, thank you ladies... my blog has been going for just a month, but I sure hope  I can make friends among the many of you.

I wonder if there are some of you who are close to Szeghalom - this is where my mom's family come from, I would like to ask for some help in locating possible relatives in the area... Vekóny István and Zsábo Emilia... I have bben trying to put together my family history, but since I can't speak Hungarian enough to communicate and my parents never talked much about the past in Hungary, the memory of war was too much!  please let me know if there is anyone of you who could maybe put me in contact with who can speak English in the registrar's office... they might have records if they were not destroyed during the war!    any help would be very much appreciated!

In a lighter tone, I really follow your work and thank you for so many beautiful things, they really have inspired me in the ideas and my own creative process... Would love to hear from you and exchange with you all!!

this flower blooms all year round.... and so does now!

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