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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I don't know about you, but I like to understand and know how things are done. I think I've been this as long as I can remember. So when I decided to start my blog, I did it I was a little afraid about going into it because I knew nothing of html language and I still don't but I can understand a little more about... long before the internet was what it is now, I had taken programming classes and understood how the computer talks and can understand what we want it do... and html is pretty much like that... the only difference is the symbols we need to know for html!!

So I apologize if some you know have come to visited and found my house in a mess! Since I am not able to create my own blog as of yet!!! I will learn how to!! I was in search of a template that would do what I wanted in the it turned out, all the free things I was using limit the things you can do on the blog, and I always found backgrounds that wouldn't work with the template and vice-versa... I think that it will be ok now... I was able to twinkle with the language and change things a little bit to manage to make template and background more compatible!!

Now I can dedicate more time to working on my projects and post about them!
It will be nice if you commented on my screen and how you like it and/or give suggestions.

I often tell my friends that deep inside I am a little girl... (you see I am a tall person), and when i was growing up we didn't have all the cute things we find now ... and I just love them ... I used to buy some stickers we had to put in water so soften and losen up and then had to carefully be slid over the surface we wanted them on, or they would break... and they were the vintage kind, flowers, little animals, etc... I loved to decorate my notebooks with here are a few of these cute vintage images!

A  bientot for now!

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