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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

decorationg a classroom!

In my church we work very closely with the young women's personal and spiritual improvement, one thing doesn't go without the other!  We have a program called Personal Progress.  The girls and their mother's are encouraged to set goals and work together in the things they choose to do! It can be related to all areas of personal knowledge and improvement, inlcuding their spiritual and emotional preparedness.  The girls meet once a week to work together and of course on Sunday they have their most spiritual time together.  The leaders decided to decorate the girl's room in a way that would make them feel welcome and in an environment that the girls enjoy!! So we decided to do patchwork and quilting items that would reflect their personality!

Here you can see the felt heart wall hanging - it meant all the girls part of the group
The gifts they received for keeping their goal - a fabric folder
to keep their journals, books and scriptures!
The table cloth - quilted top! and chair covers also quilted and
a bulletin board to keep their programs in check!  It all turned out
really well and they really enjoyed their gifts! I did most of the sewing and the ideas, my friends helped me with the cutting and pinning and turning!! We made 20 folders and chair covers in all!
It was a lot of sewing and lot of time consuming, but it was a wonderful time and experience!
 Here in you can see all the leaders and girls who were awarded in that first day!

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