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Saturday, June 12, 2010


In view of all the economic stress that the world has been put through, I thought this link on my previous post would be of great interest to many!!  I'm a firm believer that we should ponder and consider living a simpler life and learn how to depend on our own resources. Of course we depend on so many other factors, and we can never stand alone as an individual simply because we our making was not meant to be such, we depend on family for moral and love support, we depend on friends and we depend on society as a whole for safety, not to say on our governments for the decisions they make for us. So responsible citizenship is a must if we want to be ruled in a just and fair way!  But just as were are independent individuals with free agency to choose and act...we have just as many different ways and different cultures where we take our make up from!  But we can just stop a little and look inside and reflect the paths our life have taken us, and we might realize that we could change some and learn some and therefore improve some.
In this link you will find a wealth of information that might be useful to you, as it has been for me, and how we can do so much better, if only we are willing to try and make things here'n there, of this'n that a little better.... I really hope it will be useful to you all!

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