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Sunday, June 27, 2010


finally feeling better from a nasty cold!! winter time and dry weather are not a good combination !! can't remember when was the last time I had a bad cold... about 6 years ago!!! maybe!  but this one couldn't be helped... if DH gets one it's a bit hard not to catch it too!
But, I could do do some knitting ... it has been awhile since I did anything... made a cap and am working on a matching sweater...let's see how it goes...will post pics... just finished the cap a little awhile ago!!
I certainly appreciate all the girls I've been following on their blogs...some wonderful things and even had a couple of nice messages from KicsiKató and Mammka ... thank you... some I can't translate with the google tool... but even when I can't understand it all I can still see the beautiful work and pictures!

The world of blogging certainly has opened a beautiful window to the world and to meet some very neat people... that means fantastic people!! how much fun it is!!

Good week to all of you!

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