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Saturday, March 5, 2011

new ideas

I won't even go into the hassle this last week was, the business of remodeling is still in motion, and a nightmare!

So on a happier note and trying to think of much better, interesting and more fun stuff .... as I was perusing the net searching for images to illustrate some of my little children 's English teaching activities I came across this interesting and new idea on stamping and paper/scrapping work.
They are image stamps, and there are plenty of cute ideas for card making, the stamps are physical and digital!
Can't post images because they won't copy and paste but, if you like stamping and scrapping go pay them a visit!
this link will take to other great ideas on card making, easy, fast and your ideas are the limit!!
the tutorial is really clear and easy to follow!
this other link is for tons of paper made bags and gift bags or boxes ... there are very cute ideas that can be used for every occasion
same blog, but another idea and tutorial... just cute as a bug... and there are a lot of other tutorials!

and if you go from these blogs links on you can also find lots of other links and other great work!

It never ceases to amaze me what a great fun and blessing this is to share with so many people from everywhere  and to see how much creativity is there out there, all the beautiful work that's being done and how much we can all learn from each other... all the gracious people who share their fabulous work and the time the put out to show these beautiful tutorials !!

Thank you all !!

just like spring is in the air for all the northern hemisphere and new blooms are popping  up in the air of fall in the southern hemisphere, let's join in creation and make our worlds and environments paradise like!

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