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Friday, January 21, 2011

a new bag and another little girl's dress

Fait mains pour moi!!  no patterns.... just cut as I went along!

some crochet to add some charm, rosettes and a fast, some quilting on the fabric and of course some sewing using some cute ribbons!

and a couple of dresses, a headband and a bag to match all --  for a cute little girl, my friend's daughter!!!

here is some quick embroidery in satin and chain stich

some fun and soft summer cotton ... easy and nice to work on... a little dress can be made very quickly and make the day for a little girl!
also... no patterns...just some cutting along the way!!


  1. Des ouvrages qui annonceraient le printemps chez nous! frais, gais et colorés pour aller se promener...mais ici , c'est encore l'hiver: -5 ° ce matin...

  2. oui Catherine je le sais... l'híver au Nord cette anné c'est trés dur, mais maintenant ici au Brésil, un pays tropical, il ya de plui ...toujours de plui et il est +25-34 ... alore les petetits sont en vacances à la mer!



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