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Friday, January 7, 2011


As we begin a new year, reflections on the past one flood my mind. 
The many lessons learned, disappointments and the how life sometimes pay us some tricks!
But we must move on, and take the best out of it!
One word comes to mind  GRATITUDE!
How grateful I am regardless of the hardships and pains,
I  am still a beloved daughter of a dear Father who does not lead me astray.
I am thankful for my my faith, the hope, 
the courage His teachings instill in my heart and core!
This alone is enough to deal with all else, 
but He also blesses me with all that I need!
So I wish to start this new year with this idea... 
Be thankful !!!
All else will come from this alone!

Thank you all who have come by for a visit !

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