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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have just realized in a very clear way how my Hungarian heritage speaks out in my choices of colors and patterns in my drawing and designing!  Very interesting, since my Magyar experience comes only from my mother and the things we had around the house. Strong colors speak out to me... although I do like the shabby and pastels colors, every time I choose colors for my house I end up with reds, yellows and blues!

But here I have a bag made for my hubby, he wanted a bag to take to church, with the colors he chose. It has many partitions, one for his computer, and another for the books, a pencil holder, shoulder straps and handles, zippers and pockets.  It was fun working on it, and he is very pleased with it.  It is made of a strong 100% cotton similar to light jeans, easy to wash, and best of all it won't show if it gets dirty!
This came out fuzzy, but you can have an idea

a pocket with a pen/pencil slot

shouder strap and handles

zipper thingies

computer pocket with pads

second pocket

and a side view of the pockets

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