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Saturday, July 3, 2010


you can see the new view of my home... this is winter here in SP ... on a beautiful blue sky day and warm sun!
I was responsible for the design of the landscape and overall construction, the engineer only put in on the paper!... I love my garden and my flowers...they will be posted next ... tons of them!
But I'm really upset... I had to transplant a tree ... a typical pine tree from Brasil...auracária.... because the neighbor didn't want it next to this dividing wall... can you believe it!... a gorgeous tree!! and we live in an environmental protected area where the trees cannot be cut!.... well ... I think my trees won't make it!! they look so dry!!


  1. I understand you very much! I am sad if they fell a tree. Did the transplant succeed?
    Mammka-Monika from Hungary

  2. no... it died... but I was able to find another one through recycling garbage exchange with the city... it is little, but at least I hot one!! xs for your empathy!!



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