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Friday, December 31, 2010

New tidings!

A new year is always a hope of new tidings, opportunities, achievements, conquests, and of course prosperity.   It is a mark of things done, completed, a new look on new goals, a repaging on old ones, new priorities...
It is of course a chance to stop, ponder, evaluate, regroup, breath in, and plunge in head first on new endeavors!  Isn't it wonderful that we can do just that at the brink of a new year!
But, as it is always, each year will bring it's share of new challenges, obstacles to overcome, may it be in the realms of personal growth or of real and tangible things such as physical challenges of all sorts.

Be it as it may, we are certain it will bring changes!  Changes are good!  Some  don't enjoy them as much, it takes us away from our comfort zone and they can even bring certain anxiety ... we always fear what we don't know or's a human thing... our challenge?  to overcome it, embrace it, even enjoy it!  It is what this life is made of....changes!  Cycles begin, cycles end, and with that we acquire experience, hopefully some wisdom, new knowledge, and most certainly more understanding of this life and what we are about.
In my experience, now of some years lived, it brings also serenity, even in turmoil for I know that all things pass, good things  and bad things!  So I have also come to understand that we are to live and enjoy NOW, prepare the way for things to better tomorrow, but yet it is in the now that we live, our choices, our thoughts, our actions are always in the now, in the moment...whatever we choose to do now will alter the choices for tomorrow, will lead us into new tomorrows!

So I am hoping to all of you that this new year of 2011 will be a mark in every NOW that you choose to live and that the choices you make will take you into better tomorrows, full of new opportunities!
That the light of Christ may guide in the making of much good, that it may be the beam when into darkness and despair, the guiding light into the storm, and that it will a burst of sunlight in happiness and joy!  Let us all rejoice in peace and harmony, in the knowledge that all good things come from Him who watches over all of us and is there cheering us on!

A very prosperous New Year to All ... may 2011 be that year when we understand that it is better to add and make together things, that is better to have peace and harmony in the midst of war and dissention!!
That if we all do just a little share of good this world will be just a little better for all of us.

Happy 2011

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