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Monday, December 27, 2010

happy crochet

I have been into crochet a lot lately and even trying out some more in knitting; I love the colors of the skeins when they are together and imagining all the possibilities and how wonderful things can be created... I just love colors... and since my house has been in total chaos because the work in it... these activities feel very attractive!  So blogging round today I found this lovely blog... and she is buoyant and happy, just a lovely person...I also love the British way, lovely, gorgeous, lively and peculiar way of the English language.  The English countryside, the country villages, lovely fashion ... anywho... I just love the English way...

Her crochet is lively and the buoyant colors make it just happy!!!  I like happy!!  makes you feel skippity...skippy...

and here is a simple tutto on a small granny sqr

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