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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas musings!!

So here we are... another year that has gone by, Christmas festivities at our door, and celebrations usually are in order!  unless of course you still construction going on when they should have been finished a month ago!  So......that means no celebration for us as far as dinner and friends over and such!
We have much to celebrate for we are thankful for what it really means!

So all I had planned for this Christmas will be postponed for next year's season; but I have long learned to not feel upset, we propose the Lord disposes!  some things are meant to be others not!

So my reflection now is exactly that, to be able to see the difference, things we can control and things we just can't!  things we need to learn and go through, and things we are to be tried with, the purpose? to learn to overcome our selfish desires and be more giving and patient with others...just as we expect them to be with us forgiving our trespasses!
Such a hard lesson to learn at times!  but we can do it... it might take time, but we can do it!
And this has been a great year of learning and learning what forgiving really means, what love really means... we don't understand that until we are put to the test...when you have been hurt to the very core!
When the hurting comes from people you dearly love and dearly thought would not be the one to ever hurt you!  unconditional love, like the one we are now celebrating!  like the one we received from Jesus Christ who was born so that we could be saved, who paid for our shortcomings with his atoning sacrifice!

So this is much to be celebrated and thankful for!

Merry Christmas

May the gifts of heaven befall all of you as you endeavor to choose the right!

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